Star Micronics TSP 143IIU Receipt Printer

The TSP100 143IIU Receipt Printer is the perfect choice for fast, easy, professional, and customized printing. This revolutionary portable receipt printer is manufactured with high quality standards and care that create long-lasting, durable printers. Each purchase includes an internal power supply, interface and power cable, mounting kits, a full set of software utilities, and receipt paper. With such an affordable price for such high quality and reliability, youre sure to love your new receipt printer for years to come. No more hassles and poor performance. At 22 receipts per minute, the TSP100 143IIU is simply the only choice.

  • FAST AND EFFICIENT | The TSP100 143IIU futurePRNT Series delivers fast results at the amazing speed of 22 six-inch receipts in a single minute. Fast and easy setup. Fast and easy printing. Don’t waste your time with less capable receipt printers.


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