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One of the most recommended receipt printers for Square Payments is the Star TSP100 or Star TSP143U. These are receipt printers made by Star Micronics. They are a reputable printer maker. They seem to have some sort of working relationship with Square Payments. Both models are USB connectivity printers. This means you'll use a simple USB cord to connect to your POS system. There is a DK port or drawer kick port on the back. This allows you to connect a cash drawer. This works with a Square Stand for your iPad. The printers use thermal paper. So there is no ink. The paper is 3 1/8 inches in width or 88 mm. This is a very standard size paper. You can easily get BPA free thermal paper. You can buy these printers in bundles. What is a bundle? A bundle is a combination purchase that includes the receipt printer, cash drawer and Square Stand together. Or sometimes this can be the cash drawer and receipt printer only. The advantage of this is that you can get things cheaper and they will work properly together. So if you want to save time and get everything in one go, give this a try by checking prices online for Square Stand Bundles. Please see more details regarding receipt printers, and Square Stand accessories below. Here is a comparison of the Star TSP143U with other receipt printers below.

Bluetooth Printer
​USB Printer
​Bluetooth Printer
Star Micronics, SM-T300I
Star MicronicsTSP143IIU
Star Micronics SM-S230i Compact and Portable Bluetooth
  • ​Bluetooth and serial ​
  • ​​Works with Windows, Android, and iOS
  • check
    Splash Proof
  • check
    ​Thermal Printer
  • ​USB Connection
  • ​​Works with Android and iOS
  • check
    ​Thermal Printer
  • Easy to setup with Bluetooth or USB
  • ​​Works with Windows, Android, and iOS
  • check
    ​Thermal Printer

​13.9 x 5.6 x 4.4 inches

​8 x 5.6 x 5.2 inches

3.2 x 4.5 x 1.7 inches

This is a rugged receipt printer that works with Square Payments and other payment providers.

This is the TSP143 by Star Micronics. Star Micronics manufactures many printers that work with Square Payments.

​This is another Bluetooth receipt printer that works with Square Payments. It ​has a small footprint.

1. Star TSP100 TSP143U – Not ethernet Version.

This printer is fast and has useable options. People use it with their iPad and Square credit card reader. You can also use it for POS or other systems or configurations. Using it with Square credit card processor saves paper because you only print the customer copy. This is because all the other transaction data is accessed online. And when you tap print on my iPad it starts and completes the printing in just one second.





  1. Will it work with iPads? Yes.
  2. Does it require ink cartridge? No. This is a thermal printer and only needs paper.
  3. Does it work with Android devices? Yes.
  4. How does this connect? USB
  5. Does this connect to Square Stand? Yes.
  6. What is the cost? Generally about $200. But you need to check online.


  • Series: TSP100 Model: TSP143U
  • Monochrome
  • Direct Thermal
  • 125 mm/s Mono
  • 203 dpi
  • USB

2. Star Micronics TSP 143IIU Receipt Printer Productivity Bundle

This printer is the one Square recommends for use with their Square Stand.  This is a USB printer and is recommended for the Square Stand. Square recommends an Ethernet or Bluetooth printer for the Square Reader that plugs into the headphone jack.  this printer does not have an Ethernet port. It only has a USB port. this is can be used with a MacBook Pro. It will be connected via the included USB cable. It’s a good idea to buy a printer with paper rolls included by the manufacturer. This way you know what to buy the next time you need paper.


  • Thermal receipt printer
  • USB only interface (cable included)
  • Internal power supply (power cable included)
  • Auto cutter
  • Not compatible with Ethernet, LAN, Bluetooth or iPad


  1. What is the paper that this printer uses? The paper uses 3-1/8th inch paper. This measurement is the width of the paper, not the length of the roll.
  2. Does this printer use ink? No. This is a thermal printer. No ink cartridge is needed.
  3. Is this the printer used for iPad Square Stand? This is a USB printer and is recommended for the Square Stand.
  4. Does this have an Ethernet port for a cash drawer? It does also have a cash drawer port on the back labeled DK. DK means drawer kick cable.

3. Star MicronicsTSP143IIU GRY US ECO – Thermal Receipt Printer

Online reviews are giving high marks to the Star MicronicsTSP143IIU.  This works with Square Payments. It’s about $200. It does not take up much space. This may be the easiest and best selling receipt printer around. It works with the Square Stand. It connects through a usb connection that is part of the stand. Out of the box, it can connect to the usb connection that comes with the Square Stand. It takes 80mm or 3 1/8 inch size paper. This printer doesn’t use an ink cartridge. It uses thermal paper. To connect to a cash drawer you’ll need a it needs to have a DK (drawer kick) cable. The printer has a place to connect this on the back.


  • Thermal receipt printer
  • USB only interface (cable included) Not compatible with Ethernet, LAN, Bluetooth or iPad
  • Internal power supply (power cable included)
  • Auto cutter



4. Gorilla Supply Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls 3 1/8 x 230 10 Rolls


5. TSP 143IIU ECO – Receipt printer



6. Star Micronics Monochrome Receipt Printer



7. APG VB320-BL1616 Standard-Duty Cash Drawer



8. Square Dock for Reader Square

Designed for the Square contact much less and chip Viewers, the dock keeps the reader charged as well as in place for quick, seamless deals. Simply connect it into Square stand for immediate configuration and also charging. Do you sell with Square Reader rather than Square stand? Then you can connect the dock to a USB wall charger to keep your reader powered all day.


  • Pair it with your point of sale: connect a docked Reader wirelessly to a supported iOS or Android device or Plug the dock into Square stand
  • Pick your perfect spot: the dock keeps your Reader in place so it’s always ready for payments
  • Stay powered all day: Plug the dock’s USB cable into your Square stand or the optional USB wall charger to keep your Reader charged


9. Square Contactless and Chip Reader


Take EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, as well as magstripe cards– ideal from package. Contactless (NFC) settlements take simply secs.
Get your iphone or Android gadget, download Square Factor of Sale, as well as connect via Bluetooth LE– you’re ready to take payments from anywhere. Or set up your counter and plug your reader right into the optional Square Stand and Dock for Square Reader.

  • To put together the perfect square stand system, at minimal cost, this is what you need:
  • Square Stand of your choosing
  • APG Cash Drawer VB320-BL1616 note: this is NOT usb, it uses an RJ11 connection to piggyback off the printer
  • Start TSP143IIU Printer
  • APG CD-101A Cable to link the drawer to the printer
  • Motorola LS2208 Scanner OR a Socket 7CI bluetooth scanner
  • Square chip reader