Ingenico Credit Card Machine

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Ingenico offers three basic types of credit card machines.  They offer Retail POS, Computer Desktop and Mobile Credit Card readers. 

Retail POS Terminals sit on a counter top. They are connected to your payment processor and to your cash register. Your customer swipes or inserts their credit card into the terminal. The terminal reads the credit card information and securely transmits this information to a payment processor. If the credit card charge is good, the terminal tell the cash register and a receipt for the  customer's purchase is printed.

ICT 220

ICT 220

Ingenico Credit Card Machine: Ingenico has been in the credit card machine, credit card terminal and POS space for quite some time. If you make a purchase at nearly any gas station, restaurant or retail outlet you’ll swipe your credit card through an Ingenico terminal. If you’re in the retail business you’ll need a credit card machine and Ingenico is one of the makers that you should know about. We’ll tell you a little about their products.

POS Payment Options for Retailers

Ingenico has a very extensive variety of smart terminals joining the most innovative technologies business sector, with the most recent security requirements whatever the local regulation, or payment system. Their smart terminals provide retailers with dependable connectivity for handling and deploying payments. Also there are marketing tools that can go along the basic credit card reader. For example, your customer can see advertising on the credit card terminal. We are not sure if this is a good idea or not. Or even if this type of advertising works. But it’s now pretty common in the payment processing industry.

Payment terminals

Solution all payment needs and satisfy the most

Ingenico Smart Terminals meet the most demanding expectations of banks, retailers and merchants.

Support any payment process.
Improve Consumer interaction with loaded multimedia chances.
Match with the most recent security standards.

Desktop Computer terminals

The Ingenico Group’s Desktop Computer terminals cover various functionalities to offer consumer encounters that are exceptional at the counter. With high dependability and small footprints, they answer and can readily incorporate the most demanding needs for consumer participation abilities or color screen, touch interface.

Mobile terminals

Pocket sized mobile terminals with the most comprehensive connectivity abilities to take any payment systems on the go. Supporting Bluetooth, GPRS, WiFi, 3G, they are able to support everywhere.